12 August 2021

Harper Farming Refresh

Harper Farming are please to share our new website, that gives a flavour of crops we grow, and the team that make it all happen. Like all marketing processes it’s something we knew needed to update, but these things take time and resources to make happen. Thanks to the support of Jon Johnson of Mountain Perspective who project managed the build, and ICAAL who built the site, Dan Barker Photography, and George Carpenter Videography, we are really pleased with the outcome.

Our aim is telling the story of all the work we have going on at the farm and the packhouse facility. We are currently in a time when through the pandemic, Brexit and changing environmental pressures, farming is in a state of change and flux. Like every industry we are adapting to uncertain times, but our key focus is on making sure we produce the best produce we can to keep food on the shelves, keeping everyone happy and healthy. Watch this space for updates and information!